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A Streamlined Alpaca Shearing Experience

Neil Kessler is the owner and alpaca shearer at Appalachian Custom Shearing. He is a Maine native, but his shearing journey started in North Carolina. Earning a degree in Agriculture from Warren Wilson College, the first job he took was as a head guy for a shearer in the Carolinas.

Neil now shears alpacas for over 300 farms from Florida to Maine. We specialize in providing alpaca shearing services (as well as llamas, sheep, and goats) to small farms in the Appalachian region.



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Neil has sheared thousands of alpacas in 19 states and counting, and has built a loyal clientele base throughout the Appalachian region. We currently travel as far south as Florida each spring. Neil made a decision early on in his alpaca shearing career to focus on smaller herds. He aims to give smaller farm owners and animals the same attention and treatment that the larger farms get. Good communication is a top priority for us to make the shearing experience as stress free as possible. Once you're on our schedule, Neil will take care of the whole scheduling process every year to ensure that you and your animals are taken care of! 



We don't shy away from fun and special cuts here at Appalachian Custom Shearing. While they may cost you a little bit more, they're tons of fun for everyone. Just try to give us a heads up so we have enough time to do it right!

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