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Pricing And Service Areas

  • How much does it cost?
    UPDATED pricing for 2024 season: All stops are subject to a $110 farm charge - this helps cover the cost of living on the road and scheduling your stop. Price per head is listed below: This includes shearing, a nail trim, a dental exam, and administration of any medications after shearing. Alpaca Shearing Prices: 1-5: $45 a head 6-10: $40 a head 11 or more: $35 a head Llama Shearing Prices: 1-5: $55 a head 6-10: $50 a head 11 or more: $45 a head Sheep: 1-5: $30 a head 6 or more: $25 a head *Rams: $30 a head* Goats: $30 a head Alpaca incisors: $5 a head if at time of shearing Alpaca fighting teeth: $5 a head if at the time of shearing Nail trim: $10 if not during shearing Alpaca teeth: $15 if not during shearing Multiple years of growth: If an animal wasn't sheared the previous year, there is an additional charge of $10 per head/per year. Some exceptions apply, like rescue scenarios. *Special requests (mullet, mohawk, etc) are possible but do your best to inform me beforehand. May be subject to a slightly higher shearing fee depending on the cut*
  • What areas do you travel to?
    I am based out of southern Maine, but service the whole east coast. Feel free to reach out if you're in doubt, and I will get back to you! I can either get you on my schedule, or refer you to another experienced shearer. New England: Early May - July Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island Mid Atlantic and South East: March - Mid May New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Maryland Delaware West Virginia Virginia Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Alabama Florida
  • When should I sign up for shearing?
    You should sign up for shearing as soon as possible! If you would like to have me come to your farm this spring, reach out as early as January. Scheduling a shearing tour is difficult and has many moving parts. The earlier you reach out to get on my schedule the higher the probability is that I will be able to give you a date before it gets too hot in your area. Don't wait until it's too late! ***Registration is open until March 1st 2023. If you are in my service area and you reach out before then, and fall into the "small farm category" of 40 head or less for camelids, then your spot is guaranteed. Requests received after March 1st are still possible to add to my schedule, but must be squeezed in around my pre-built schedule.*** If you reach out after my schedule is already built, or I've already passed through your area, it can be very difficult to find time to make space in the schedule to return.
  • Do I need to be there for shearing? Do you bring help?
    For my general spring season, I will arrive to your farm with an assistant and all the necessary equipment for a smooth and efficient shearing day. What I expect from you: Have your animals caught up prior to my arrival - if you need help wrangling your animals there is an additional charge of $5 per head. If you plan on keeping your fiber, have bags ready and an idea of how you want your fiber separated. At least one able bodied person present to bag the fiber. I'll cut it off however you'd like, but I can't turn off the shears to bag fiber for you. A shaded, flat, dry area near where your animals are caught up, with electricity. Please notify me before hand if you do not have a good area to shear in, as we will have to take the time to make a game plan. *If you are unable to help or be present for shearing, please make me aware of this prior to my arrival*
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