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Preparing for Your Alpaca Shearing Day: A Beginner's Guide

As an alpaca farm owner, shearing day is an exciting and nerve-wracking culmination of a year of hard work. Not only does alpaca shearing promote the health and hygiene of your beloved animals, but it also ensures the quality and viability of the alpaca fiber. If this is your first alpaca shearing day, you may not know what to expect or exactly how to prepare your animals and your farm. You may be a beginning alpaca owner the thought of preparing for your first alpaca shearing day can seem overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you navigate shearing day with ease, ensuring a seamless experience for you, your alpacas, and the alpaca shearer.

An alpaca shearer shearing an alpaca
Neil and Vinnie of Appalachian Custom Shearing

Essential Supplies for Alpaca Shearing:

To make the shearing process smooth for the alpaca shearer, have these items ready:

  • Breathable Fiber Bags: Ideal for storing your alpaca fiber after shearing. Opt for bags made from materials like cotton to prevent moisture and mold.

  • Alpaca Handling Gear: Proper tools like halters, leads, and catch pens are crucial. These help in managing your herd efficiently during the alpaca shearing process.

  • Farm Maintenance Equipment: Keep your shearing area tidy with brooms, shovels, and bins.

Pre-Alpaca Shearing Day Preparation:

  1. Book an Alpaca Shearer: Secure an appointment with a professional alpaca shearer ahead of time. Their schedules are tight, especially during peak shearing seasons. If you'd like to request an appointment with Appalachian Custom Shearing, please fill out this form. I service the entire east coast from Florida to Maine shearing alpacas, shearing llamas, shearing sheep, and shearing goats.

  2. Shearing Space Setup: A clean, dry, and bright space is essential for effective alpaca shearing. Test the electrical outlets that you plan on having the shearer use. Ensure your area is ready to go.

  3. Equipment Organization: Lay out all necessary tools. Have labeled bags, any medications, and a note pad ready. Make sure you have a broom near by to clean up as needed.

  4. Alpaca Readiness: Catch your alpacas the day before. This reduces their stress and expedites the shearing.

The Day of Alpaca Shearing:

  1. Early Kick-off: Start the day early to keep on schedule. Have your alpacas ready for the alpaca shearer. Sometimes shearers are running early, and sometimes they're running late. Plan on being available the whole day, and if you can't be, make sure your shearer is aware of this.

  2. Alpaca Shearer Assistance: Be available to assist the shearer with handling the alpacas if needed.

  3. Efficient Fiber Collection: After shearing, promptly collect and store the alpaca fiber in the prepared breathable bags.

After the Alpaca Shearing:

  • Alpaca Comfort: Post-shearing, make sure alpacas have shade and water.

  • Health Checks: A good alpaca shearer will note any issues they see while your animals is on the mat. Address these notes as needed after the shearing is complete.

  • Fiber Management: Store the alpaca fiber properly to prevent mold, especially if damp at shearing time.

Overcoming Shearing Challenges:

  • Catching Your Alpacas: Train your alpacas to associate feeding areas with positive experiences, making them easier to handle for the alpaca shearer. If you are still having trouble catching your alpacas, calling in friends and family to help catch up your animals can be a good technique.

  • Anticipating Weather: Coordinate with your alpaca shearer about weather plans. Having a covered area can mean the difference between rescheduling and a successful alpaca shearing day.


Thorough preparation is key to a successful alpaca shearing day. Shearing day is as much about looking after the fleece as it is about caring for your alpacas. With these steps, you're well on your way to ensuring that your alpaca shearer has an easy job and that your animals are well cared for. Remember, a well-prepped farm owner is the first step to a happy alpaca shearer and a successful shearing day.

Did you find this guide helpful? Do you have any additional tips or questions about preparing for alpaca shearing day? Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information. Happy shearing!

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