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Neil Kessler is an experienced alpaca shearer with a college degree in animal agriculture and thousands of alpacas sheared.

While we specialize in shearing alpacas, we offer llama shearing, sheep shearing, and goat shearing.

Our goal is to provide you with a stress free scheduling process and the best alpaca shearing experience for you and your animals.

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My mission as your alpaca shearer is to provide you with the best shearing experience for both you and your alpacas. While many shearers view this job as a numbers game, my emphasis is on quality over speed. I do not rush the shearing process, and give every animal the care and attention that they deserve. My shearing assistant and I will make sure to treat you and your animals with respect, ensuring a gentle, calm, and fun shearing day for all. From the moment you book me as your alpaca shearer, you will not have to worry about your animals health and wellbeing.

I will be happy to discuss any health issues your alpaca or llama is experiencing. Shearing day is a valuable time for both the animals and the owners, and an opportunity to see whats going on underneath all of that fiber! While my main goal on shearing day is to shear your alpacas safely and efficiently, please feel free to take a second and ask questions. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you! If i notice anything out of the ordinary while shearing your alpacas, I will make sure to point it out so you can monitor it as they grow their fiber back.

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Alpaca Shearing Testimonials

"When Covid hit the USA in 2020, livestock needed to be shorn. Farmers were scrambling for a shearer since the Aussies could not leave for the Americas, leaving 20,000 alpacas as the overage that our local shearers absorbed, doing their best to accommodate the need, and scheduling far into the late summer. I was in need of a shearer. It was now June and I found a diamond. Neil Kessler of Appalachian Custom Shearing. He brought help that was also very experience in handling livestock. They handled the alpaca with safety keeping the experience stress free for the animal. The skillfulness with fiber removal was a clean shave with no second cuts, and first, seconds, and thirds separated. The toes were trimmed as the teeth if needed. I have referred him to many farms that were very satisfied with his handling of the animal, scheduling, communication, and reliability. I look forward to this year's shearing. Thank you Neil for being there."

Ruth Fegela of Blue Opal Alpacas   /   Effingham, NH

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